The Christian Supremacist’s Oath of Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag, and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands, One Savior, crucified, risen and coming again, with life and liberty for all who

Notice that the last two words reveal the Christocratic movement’s demand for purity of religious belief, ideological conformity, and spiritual submission and obedience.  (paraphrased from The Baptizing of America by Rabbi James Rubin)  pg 58 & 59




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Dispensationalism (Rapture Theory) Runs our Foreign Policy Especially Regarding the Middle East

Some of us have felt secure in the belief that our country is one of freedom of conscience and religious liberty and that there has not been a breach in the Wall of Separation between church and state.

But for many of us we have not really seen what has been behind the USA’s total commitment to the State of Israel in occupying Palestine since after World War 2.

There has been a lot more going on that just helping out a tiny nation hold off hoards of Muslims that want to drive the  Jews into the sea.

There are Christians that teach preach that the Second Coming of Jesus can not happen without Israel blasting the holy sites of Islam -The Dome of the Rock and others- into oblivion.  They are willing and able to even supply money and weapons to further this cause. Then Israel must build a temple and return to animal sacrifices.  It doesn’t matter one whit if there is a nuclear war brought on by these actions.  In fact they welcome it because they believe that they will be raptured away and won’t have to be part of the evil that they foster.

The blueprint is the writings of Cyrus Scofield: 1843-1921 in his Reference Bible (1909).  These explanations of what the Bible passage really means (in Scofield’s mind) has taken on a more important place in Bible study and worship than the actual Word of God.

There is a long list of preachers that have taken up Israel as their main cause in life.  They have done fund raising and mixed themselves up with the worst sorts of radical men without conscience that are willing to blow up innocent Muslims to destroy Muslim worship centers and of course the prize which is The Dome of The Rock.

When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, “Pat Robertson rode into the fray in an Israeli Jeep.” There were 200,000 Lebanese and Palestinians most civilians that were killed or wounded.  Old Pat said that by waging war on it’s neighbor, Israel was just doing God’s will.

Jerry Falwell said that theologically every Christian has to support Israel…. If we fail to protect Israel, we will cease to be important to God.

Those old boys were not great lovers of the Jewish people themselves… just the idea that Israel is what is going to be important in bringing the destruction of the world and the 2nd coming.

It is time for Bible studying believing Christians and others to do some homework and discover just what is going on with our government and how it has been led by the Christian Right to extreme views.

I suggest:  Forcing God’s Hand Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture—And Destruction of Planet Earth. By Grace Halsell.

Kingdom Coming The Rise of Christian Nationalism  By Michelle Goldberg

Close Encounters with the Religious Right Journeys into the Twilight Zone of Religion and Politics By Robert Boston

The Baptizing of America The Religious Right’s Plans For the Rest of Us By Rabbi James Rudin

Spiritual Warfare The Politics of The Christian Right By Sara Diamond

Fundamentals of Extremism The Christian Right in America Edited by Kimberly Blaker


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James Madison on Unalienable Right for EVERY Person

The Religion . . . of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate. This right is in its nature an unalienable right. It is unalienable; because the opinions of men, depending only on the evidence contemplated by their own minds, cannot follow the dictates of other men. — James Madison, Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assesmen

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The Lovely Sunset Picture has a Meaning for Me…

I really like this lovely picture.  But it reminds me of what is happening right now in this country and in the whole world.

The sun is setting on Freedom of Conscience.  The Constitution is in danger and not for the first time, but today it looks even more serious than in the past.

The red makes me think of the blood of martyrs that have died standing firm against  governments  trying to stand in God’s place demanding a false allegiance to false religion.

Those that oppose oppression in all forms can not hide under their pillows not wanting to think about unpleasant things.  It really is a time to be a Daniel.

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Are The Laws of the Land Based on The Ten Commandments?

We hear big talkers such as Sarah Palin state that the laws of this country are based on the Ten Commandments.  Is this true?

I learned the Ten Commandments (not the short version) when I was just a child and have never forgotten them and can recite them and so I actually know what they are.

I am not a lawyer and don’t know all the laws of the land but I know enough to know that they are not based upon the Ten Commandments.

The Commandments are actually two parts.  When Jesus broke them down he said “to love God with all your heart and your neighbor as you love yourself”  (paraphrased)  The first 4 commandments are that part about loving God with all your heart.  They have nothing to do with loving your neighbor or getting along with him.  Nothing to do with respecting those that are in charge of government.  They are commandments for a relationship between God and mankind.  A government can make a law that no one can own an idol.  They can even make a law that no one can worship an idol.  But, if someone in their heart and mind worship a deity in the form of an idol…. no government can get in your head and  even know if you in your heart and mind hold that idol above all gods.  No law of the land can ever serve a function regarding what goes on in our minds.  A man’s thoughts are his alone until he speaks what is on his mind and in his heart.  A silent man goes ahead and worships as he pleases and no government in the world can stop him.

God says in his commandment that He is a jealous God and desires that we only worship Him.  Now that is entirely up to each individual if they hear that voice and obey. No government can make him do other wise.  There are no laws on the books about the first three commandments.  But….

There are still laws on the books…the Blue laws regarding the 4th commandment.  The Sabbath commandment.  Now here’s the thing about this.  This is God’s law between himself and those that wish to obey him.  The law is a worship law and a relationship law between Creator and created.  God has not given the governments of any land the right to enforce this law or any of the other first four.  But we have in this country and in other countries all over the world laws claiming to be based on the 4th commandment while all along they are not.  They are man’s laws enforcing a man made day of worship, the first day of the week.

Now to the next five laws.

These laws are for the good of mankind.  They were given by God to man so that men and women would get along with their families and neighbors.  If these were kept by everyone the society that would result would be without prisons, without divorce court and perhaps even without courts at all.  No Wars.  For men would not want to steal the resources that other countries held.  No killing either by evil men and women nor by the state.  Think of that… no crime for no one would be stealing.  Oh and the porno business would cease to exist.  No adultry.  Children would grow up in intact families.  Husband and wives would keep those vows of “until death”.  And the old folks homes where parents are dumped to die…. there would be that thing of honoring ones parents and parents would have raised their children with love and kindness so that children would gladly take care of their elderly parents.  Oh and no lying!  Think of that!  No one giving gossip a chance to do it’s vile deeds.  The movies?  What would they be about and the industry that revels in gossip?

WOW!  Seems too good to be true… and it is.  Mankind does not keep the commandments of God.  And no government can enforce them because God does not enforce them.  He does not make anyone love or obey Him and He has not assigned that right to any man.

Then we have the 10th commandment.  The law about what one thinks.  No government or military in the world can enforce this one.  It is all about what is in ones mind and heart.  How they are brought up to be satisfied with what they have and not to cherish a thought about wanting what someone else has.  It is what the other five are all about.  The acts of murder, stealing, adultry, lying, and casting aside ones parents are all started in the mind.  The mind that thinks up evil and then acts on it.

Are the laws of the US based on the 10 commandments?  No.  The laws of this land were based on old English law.

Countries all over the world have laws for the good of society.  Most of them have laws against murder, stealing, lying, family law.  Even countries that have not recognized any god have these laws.

Why does Sarah Palin and others of her ilk make the claim that the laws of the land are based on the 10?

It is because she and other Christian Supremacists want control of this country to enforce  Biblical laws that God has not given them the right to do.   They have a twisted take on Bible prophecy that is waiting in the wings to take the world stage when the Rapture does not happen.  They believe that they are mandated to take over the world for Jesus and then he will come and reign with them.  What blasphemy!



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What Wall?

Our Founders in the late 1700’s were very familiar with what happens when the church runs the state. They were not ignorant of the Puritans fleeing to the new country to practice their brand of Christianity. A Christianity that also persecuted those that dared to be free thinking individuals.

Those men sought to form a government that would be free of church influence in state matters and laws. They also sought to form a government that would respect the individual. They attempted to write into the Constitution the very wording that would always be enough down through the years to keep the state free from Popes and Prelates.

Perhaps they could have written it with more detail outlining a more through case so that no persons or courts would dare see fit to try to take over the government or the courts with an agenda to overturn the Constitution and bring in a governing body made up of the Bishop and Preacher class.

It seems nearly before the ink was dry there were those of just that class of persons that thought to improve things by forcing compliance of laws reflecting those of the Ten Commandments. The fourth commandment is the Sabbath Commandment that clearly states that the 7th day is the Sabbath. But the churchmen of the day didn’t seem to be able to read a calender and set aside the 1st day of the week as the Sabbath and made laws that punished those that dared to “break” those laws. That is the consequences of making any law. Man made laws always have man made punishments for breaking those laws.

I wonder if those that signed the early documents later as time passed sat and reflected on “what if’s”. You know how that is, “what if I had just said something a little different.” “What if I had been clearer in my thinking and writing. Maybe I could have done it better.”

The New World had from the very beginning been full of churchmen. England would send the sons that had not inherited the family estates or gone into the military, into the ministry. Often these sons that only received the least of a family’s good fortune were scoundrels and were without a true “calling”. They were sent to start setting up God’s Kingdom in the new land of rich opportunity. Their salaries were guaranteed by the Crown and by the King’s tax men. Something that the farmer’s and land owners were not all that keen on paying. New religions were not accepted such as the Quakers or Anabaptists.

In doing my family genealogy I found that one distant relative that was a Quaker had his ear sliced off as punishment for bringing a wicked and terrible plague of a new faith to the colonies. They would punish them severely and send them back to England.

It is interesting that after 1776 and those following years when the taxes no longer paid the salaries of churchmen, the people were free to decide what church they would belong to. It didn’t take communities long to donate land for a church and to bring their own preachers. I also found that sometimes several families would move together to a new place hungry for land and for belonging to the church that they were part of.

In the 1800’s there was The Great Awakening and a fervor for God. There was not long before the Civil War the start of several new churches. Denominations that have grown to being very large by this time. Seventh-day Adventists and other Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses are three of these new denominations. All three have experienced a good deal of persecution by the authorities for their beliefs.

The government sent Federal troops after the leadership of the Mormons. Sunday laws in various parts of especially the South sent Seventh-day Adventists to jail and prison during the 1800’s for violating the Sunday laws. Woe to the Adventist that hung their laundry out to dry on Sunday. The JW have seen jail and mob activity for not saluting the flag or saying the Pledge of Allegence.

But, here’s the thing….. Our Constitution promises that the lone individual has rights and those rights are to be respected. We are a Republic! We are not a Democracy in the true sense. The majority is not to rule over the minority.

Now those Founders were pretty smart. Really prophetic. They sensed and knew that mankind just really wants nothing more than to impose the majority’s will on the little guy. The lone holdout. We see it all the time in grade school. It seems to be genetic. And that is where fair play and right thinking about these things must be taught early and often.

We have this Wall. Not of bricks or steel but one of an idea that came to birth on time and in the right place. A new land and new citizens that could grasp the concept that they were given by their Creator the essence inside their brain called “Free Will”. They were smart enough and bold enough to make up their own minds whom they would worship – or not. And even though there have always been those that hated the idea and have wanted to tear the Wall down and smash it, there has always been those that were thankful to God that it was still standing. There have been cannons fired at it. Some have tried to breach it. It shows the scars of over two hundred years of enemy fire, but it is still standing.

Today it is receiving the fury of forces that would tear it down completely and enforce a theocratic government upon all of us. They will stop at nothing. They have infiltrated government at all levels in this land. From school boards to mayors to law enforcement, the military and military schools, congress, governors, and right into the White House itself during the Reagan, Bush, Bush/Cheney years. Our foreign policies have been tainted with the Rapture Theory and how we respond to the leaders of other countries is carefully looked at through the eyes of how and where they stand in the Rapturists take on world events. And in all this is another theory waiting to move in and take over.

This is the Christian Supremacist or also known as Reconstructionists or Dominionists and Christian Imperialists . They are the actual danger more than any other to our Constitution. They openly talk of tearing the Wall down. They claim that this is a Christian country and the laws of the Bible should be the law of the land.

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